Sunday, December 18, 2005

bye bye birds

a lament for the passing of my friends, Werther and Charlotte, who were poisoned by a plant I neglectfully put too close. I will miss them.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


It is morning, a man lies in bed, blinking.
Outside, the sound of chirping birds,
barking dogs.

The man rolls over to find
another man in his bed,
with the head of a king.
It is recognizable as a king
due to the golden crown and royal beard,
though the kings' head is three times
the size of the mans, and plastic.
The king is smiling a large toothy smile.
He is decked out in
full king regalia.

The man looks shocked to find
this smiling king in bed with him.
The king, noticing the mans obvious discomfort,
holds up a finger as if to say,
'hang on, just a second.'

The king turns toward the bedside table
and turns back to the man with
the new double crissanwich...
'New, the double crissanwich,'
the voice over says as the man takes a bite,
really enjoying himself now.

'egg and meat and cheese,
and meat, and cheese.'
It says, as pictures of meat
and cheese fold on top of one another.

The man and the smiling king
sit in bed hysterically laughing, though no
sound is heard other than the deep pitched
voice over saying, 'That's right,
the double crissanwich.
Wake up with the king.'

The laughing king puts his hand
on the mans knee as a bonding gesture
to signify the mutual joy they are experiencing
over the new double crissanwich.
The man places his hand
on the kings' hand in reciprocation,
though this has created
an awkward sexual tension
and they both snatch their hands
quickly away.