Sunday, June 26, 2011

Soft-Spot (un)seen and (un)heard

Artists Ryan Feeney and Kimberly Hennessy run the online gallery Soft Spot, I'm included in their current show (un)seen and (un)heard. They gathered work from visual artists, and then had writers respond to it.

jason demarte, cream filled, 2007

nathalie chikhi, Nuggets, 2010

I am honored to be among such writers as Mark Leidner, Jordan Stempleman, Ben Estes, Ben Kopel, Matthew Suss, Amy Turn Sharp, Melissa Broder, Mike Topp, Sommer Browning, Rachel B. Glaser, Sara Majka, and Emily Hunt:
Responding to the work of artists, Yochai Matos, Laurie Kang, Brendan George Ko, Nathalie Chikhi, Francois Trezin, Jason Demarte, Jesse Hlebo, Fenk Zhang, Joel Whitaker, Christina Leung, William Green, and Juliao Sarmento.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ryan Feeney, Ryan MacDonald: Fountain Studios

Making our dreams come true, doin it our way!

Invitational Video for show

Fountain Studios

604 Grand Avenue

Brooklyn Misc.

June 4 - June 25, 2011

Opening: Saturday, June 4, 7 - 10 PM