Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Route 9

Route 9 Issue 2:

Featured writers: Dorothea Lasky, Mira Bartok, Hilary Plum, Jason Larson, Michael Teig, Sara Jaffe, Mike Young, Rachel B. Glaser, Sarah Boyer, CAroline Cabrera, Bryan Beck, Emily Hunt, Brian Mihok, Matthew Charlton, C.S. Ward, Gale Thompson, Ari Feld, Leora Fridman, Chris Hosea, Abha Eli on Jedediah Berry, and a Fridman interview of Emily Toder, plus a few videos and stories from me.

Also included are works by Natalie Abadzis, Maya Bajak, Nicholas Bohac, Kevin Clarke, Brian Ferry, DAvid Gilbert, Lauren Kohne, Ted Lincoln, Ellen Rumel, Steve Snell and Michele Lauriat
Michele Lauriat: York Beach