Monday, June 11, 2007

Horse Sense

Poet Adam Fielded at Stoning the Devil says some pretty remarkable things about Jordan Stempleman's Horse Sense, a chap which is unfortunately unavailable to the public. However, as Adam puts it:
"What's most amazing to me about Jordan is that no matter where I see his stuff, it's always good. I think most of you would agree w me that that's rare."

Jordan has been published multiple times, these you can find on his blog Growing Nation.
Most recently you'll find him in the 2007 issue of New American Writing No. 25
to be found soon at your local bookstores.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Bloch is Bustling

The long awaited opening of the Nelson's Bloch Building is here. I patiently waited in line this morning with the crowd. The building itself is spectacular, though my Father frequently refers to it as "a giant port-o-potty", I feel once he dares to venture inside, his opinion will do a back flip. I spent most of the morning in the ever-so-sleek library studying their various periodicals.
Among the new pieces (at least since I've been back in town):
A few Oldenburg’s, a Chamberlain, a small River's, a large Katz, a couple of Theibaud's, an Andre, a Mangold (oh I love this one), a Resnik a Martin a Murray. Some Smith, some Kapoor, some Lewitt's. A Salle, a Guston, and a few Judd’s that lowered my overall temperature.
Not to mention the fantastic African gallery, the Noguchi court, and a Matisse exhibition which I avoided due to overcrowding.