Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Bloch is Bustling

The long awaited opening of the Nelson's Bloch Building is here. I patiently waited in line this morning with the crowd. The building itself is spectacular, though my Father frequently refers to it as "a giant port-o-potty", I feel once he dares to venture inside, his opinion will do a back flip. I spent most of the morning in the ever-so-sleek library studying their various periodicals.
Among the new pieces (at least since I've been back in town):
A few Oldenburg’s, a Chamberlain, a small River's, a large Katz, a couple of Theibaud's, an Andre, a Mangold (oh I love this one), a Resnik a Martin a Murray. Some Smith, some Kapoor, some Lewitt's. A Salle, a Guston, and a few Judd’s that lowered my overall temperature.
Not to mention the fantastic African gallery, the Noguchi court, and a Matisse exhibition which I avoided due to overcrowding.

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