Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stuffed 2

The latest batch of Stuffed Objects made by my amazing 2010 Fall Foundations students.
This round fabricated after observing the work of Claes Oldenburg, reading from Sartre's Nausea, Schjeldahl's essay on Beauty, excerpts of Baudrillard's The System of Objects, notes on Sarah Sze, and the poetry of Jordan Stempleman and Mike Young, paying close attention to the use of the carefully chosen objects and their relations to the words/objects they are situated near.

hopefully they weren't too overwhelmed...
each object is hand sewn and at least 2 feet wide/long (though most chose to go much bigger).

click on this for Spring 2010 student work.

"Baudrillard argued that meaning (value) is created through difference - through what something is not (so "dog" means "dog" because it is not-"cat", not-"goat", not-"tree", etc.). In fact, he viewed meaning as near enough self-referential: objects, images of objects, words and signs are situated in a web of meaning; one object's meaning is only understandable through its relation to the meaning of other objects; in other words, one thing's prestige relates to another's mundanity."

great job peeps

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new work glimpses

for what's to come. A look in the studio