Monday, February 27, 2012

No, Not Today

No, Not Today from Ryan MacDonald on Vimeo.

I've made some promotional videos for Jordan Stempleman's new collection of poetry No, Not Today

this book is alive.

it is available at Magic Helicopter Press

Armed Guard Garden

The Times people!

The only thing this reporter forgot to mention was my name (yes I proudly did the sound for this piece) but no worries, the reviews are shining:

read the full article here

"Ms. Anspaugh’s “Armed Guard Garden” draws the viewer in immediately and never lets go. In silence, the lights dawn slowly. We make out a figure — no, two. Like sentries, they patrol the perimeter of the stage and define its diagonals. Three more pour flour onto the floor to define concentric boxes. They make lines on the rear wall in chalk. None of these borders will last."

Congrats to Vanessa Anspaugh, Jen Rosenblitz on creating two beautiful pieces.
Congrats to Vanessa's incredible dancers, my beautiful girlfriend Aretha Aoki,  Niall Jones, Molly Lieber,   Lydia Okrent and Mary Read.
Congrats to Cassie Maud Peterson who offered conceptual collaboration.
Congrats to Emily Roysdon for her wonderful costumes.
Congrats to the lighting designer Vincent Vigilante.
Congrats to the Dramaturge Susan Mar Landau.
and to Jen's dancer Addy's Gonzalez.