Monday, June 26, 2006

Lovely words from Cairns Birds


JUNE 2006

SQUARE-TAILED KITE - John Seale, 20/6/06 Flying over Raintrees shopping centre, Manunda, Cairns.
AUSTRALIAN HOBBY (female) - Di & Frank Harrison, 18/6/06 Anderson St cemetary
LITTLE TERN - John Seale, 18/6/06 The Esplanade, Cairns.
AUSTRALIAN PRATINCOLE (10+) - Jonathan Munro, 18/6/06 - recently cultivated field at Ravenshoe.
WHITE-BREASTED SEA-EAGLE (3 pairs) - Jonathan Munro, 18-19/6/06 - 3 pairs nesting. Southern Tablelands/Misty Mountains. Also possible (new) 4th nest site under constuction.
RED KNOT - John Crowhurst, 17/6/06 Single bird in breeding plumage. The Esplanade, Cairns.
INDIAN PEAFOWL (c.15) - Frank & Di Harrison17/6/06 Feeding in cut cane paddock opposite go kart track
Capt. Cook Highway
BRAHMINY KITE (1) - Jonathan Munro, 17/6/06 - rarely recorded here. Ravenshoe.
PLUMED WHISTLING DUCK (27) - Jonathan Munro16/6/06 - Grazing on our front lawn at 7.00 a.m. Warrigal, Ravenshoe.
(?) CRANES - Jonathan Munro et al.,15/6/06 - a flock of about 30 birds flying over Innot Hot Springs/Mt.Garnet road at 3.00 p.m. at extreme height heading NW towards Kulgarra ( Lake Elizabeth perhaps?) Still no birds at their usual feeding and roosting places in the Ravenshoe area.
EMU (2) - Jonathan Munro et al.15/0/06 - one bird appeared injured. Herbert River Track, near Innot Hot Springs.
LITTLE WOOD SWALLOW (3) - Jonathan Munro et al.15/6/06 - near Innot Hot Springs.
BROWN-BACKED HONEYEATER (1) - Jonathan Munro et al.5/6/06 - bird had very ragged plumage. Yorkeys Golf Club lagoon.

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