Thursday, July 26, 2007

Places to go, People to see

Summer is a slow time for upkeep on my blog as I own no camera but borrow one from school. So going through my notebooks of last year, I made a list of names I had scribbled at various points of artists to look up. Here are some pictures as well as links.

Leandro Erlich Swimming Pool

Christoph Buchel Minus

Jennifer Reeves Untitled

Luis Tomasello at the Minus Space
Atmophere Chromoplastique No 851.

Alica Martin Kunst in die Stadt

Guthrie Lonergan Programming Media II (thanks to Jessie L)

Angella Bulloch Macroworld: One Hours3 and Canned

JOrge Macchi Gnocturno

SAm Durant Scenes from the Pilgrim Story: Myths, Massacres, and Monuments

Wim Delvoye Art Farming

Abelardo MorellCamera Obscura Image of the Empire State Building in Bedroom

Gerard ByrneA country road, a tree, evening

MOre to come


jessi said...

guthrie! yesss!
this is a good selection

jessi said...

also, that leandro erlich pool is really neat !