Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Wax Work

not quite picked through yet


LINDALAY said...

Hey Ryan how's it hanging? I wanted to let you and your friends/classmates know about a nationally published magazine called AXL(e) I work on at Otis for graduate writers and poets. We are right now accepting submissions, the deadline is December 31. The link to the submission page is below, where there is more information. Cheers!

Paul Shortt said...

Wow. This are really progressing. I like the last couple of the groups on the roof. Also think the back grounds are getting stronger.

Ryan Alexander MacDonald said...

Hi Linda, Paul, good to hear from you guys.
Thanks for the pub heads up Linda, I'll check it out.
And thanks for the comments Paul.
I hope all is well with you two. Keep me posted.

Sarah Luther said...


Cgranlund said...

Very interessting please see my blog i mentioned you!