Monday, January 12, 2009

Noy Holland: We jompt and tworld

Professor Noy Holland handed us these paragraphs on our last day of workshop.

Her son's (I think) preschool grammar assignment,
I think it's wonderful

"Wonts I jompt on miy chramplen with katlen and I had a vare lot of fon becos we jompt vare hiy and we tworld and jompt and tworld and jompt and tworld and jompt and tworld and jompt and tworld and we had a fon"

Noy Holland is also author of The Spectacle of the Body (Knopf), which was nominated for a National Book Award. Her stories have appeared in The Quarterly, Conjunctions, Black Warrior Review, Open City, Noon, and others. She is an Associate Professor in the MFA Program for Writers and Poets at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she directs the Writers in the Schools Project. She was a finalist for a Massachusetts Cultural Council Award in 2002, and received an NEA fellowship in 2003.

Read Holland's

which is an excerpt from her collection The Spectacle Of The Body

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