Monday, August 31, 2009

Fountain Studios: Under the Same Shadow

UPCOMING Sept 5th to Oct 3rd/////////Owen Rundquist and Alex DeMaria//////Under the Same Shadow

Fountain Studios is pleased to present Under the Same Shadow, a collaborative exhibition featuring the work of artists Alexander DeMaria and Owen Rundquist. DeMaria and Rundquist explore the place of ritualism and the occult in a pop context. For the exhibition the two artists have created a multi-media sculptural installation. By referring to ancient ritualistic structures and incorporating elements from a variety of pre-Christian belief systems, the past and present inform one another in this piece through the lens of subculture. The work also includes a sound element composed by the artists, making direct reference to the world of extreme heavy metal. By removing this piece of cultural phenomena from its conventional setting and placing it in an atavistic environment, the artists effectively travel full-circle, returning popular culture to a place of extinct ritualism and bringing a pop sensibility to ancient practice.

Alex DeMaria

Owen Rundquist

Fountain Studios
604 Grand Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11238

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