Thursday, December 02, 2004


The Elders [the first of many tree b...logs]

"The Elders are shrubby little trees with soft-pithy twigs and opposite, long-stalked, compound leaflets. Small, regular, and perfect, the blossoms are borne in profuse, broad, branched clusters on the ends of the twigs. The minute calyx is 3- to 5-lobed, as is the flat little corolla on which are borne the 5 stamens. The ovary is at least partly inferior and is capped by the thick 3- to 5-lobed style. The fruit is berry like, with bright, thin, shiny, succulent flesh, and nuttles filled by the seed."
" The California Indians called it the "tree of music", for of it they made their flutes, and the flute was the instrument of the Indian when he went courting."
Donald Culross Peattie: TREES

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Jordan said...

I’m wondering if the tribe you speak of were the Modocs--lead by Captain Jack, who with great bravery fought hard to remain in the Tule Lake region against the U.S. Army’s forces in 1873?