Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Interview with: Erik Satie

Erik Satie, A Mammal's Notebook.
(as translated by Antony Melville)
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Dried Embryos

1. Of Holothuria

Vulgarly known as "sea
cucumber." Holothuria generally
climbs on stones or pieces of rock.
Like the cat, this animal purrs; it also
spins a revolting kind of silk. The
action of light seems to upset it. I
observed an Holothuria in Saint-
Malo bay.

Out in the morning. It is raining.
The sun is in the clouds.
Little purr. What a pretty rock!
It is nice to be alive.
Like a nightingale with
Back home in the evening. It is
The sun is not there any more.

As long as it never comes back.
Mocking little purr.
It was a really good rock. Nice
and sticky.
Don't make me laugh, bit of
foam: you are tickling me.
I haven't any tobacco.
Lucky I don't smoke.


February 1912
Interviewers note:
I was on assignment in the late winter of 1912 to speak with the great Satie, a hero of mine, about his latest masterpiece. True I was aware of his eccentricities, so shaking off my umbrella, I stepped into his flat on the Rue de Siene without knowing at all what to expect. What follows is the brief but illuminating interview.

[The questions are primarily based on material from Satie's most recent publication Deux Preludes pour un chien (Two preludes for a Dog), for piano.]

RM: Would you say something about your early musical training and tastes? I was amused to read that, at one time, you had hoped to devote your life to playing the works of Debussy.

ES: In this, I was well in advance of him. Until I had found that like a picnic, they had all brought very cold veal. "You have a lovely white dress." "Listen, an areoplane."
"Oh no, it's a storm." He is French, after all.

RM: Would you comment on your statement in A Simple Question; and I quote, "In many places sweet and excellent silence has been replaced by bad music."?

ES: Well, which do you prefer: Music or Ham? In my coffee grounds...I often consult them,...for fun. I am very fond of coffee, especially if it's good.

RM: What do you think about the terms "meaning" and "symbolism" in connection with Two Preludes for a Dog?

ES: I am going to a billiards match. What a great match! Napoleon will be there. The billiards, Napoleon, I mean of course!...THE REAL ONE. Or at least a very good likeness...Get out now!...Off like a gun!...Come back in ten minutes...I shan't be here.

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