Monday, October 23, 2006

Untitled: As of yet

My latest accomplishment.
Just returned from a fantastic critique with heated dialogue over this piece.

(9' x 4.5', Plexi, Aluminum, Fiberboard)


Steven LaRose said...

Is that aluminum "bowls" behind plexi and in front of fiber-board? I like the jpgs, wish I could see the real magilla. There are so many trail heads a person could use to start talking about this piece. From Irwin to Legos. From Preception to Production. What were the crits stand out moments?

Ryan Alexander MacDonald said...

Sorry for the delayed response. I'm glad you said bowls; one of the interesting things brought up in critique was Gestalt psychology and how each person sees the piece in different ways. Some see concave bowls, some convex, some hollow rings, some three dimensional orbs. Depending on the light of day and the physical relationship of the viewer, the piece changes. It's true, Irwin's a big influence. I teased myself about the legos idea, though was thankful it wasn't spoken of. Mostly the topics were based on perception and the transformation of common materials. I was prodded about being an 'elitist prophet' when I joked about spiritual transcendence and not being pigeonholed as a trickster. My Professor said something nice about how the piece alters one’s physical knowledge, changes/slows one’s breathing.