Monday, February 19, 2007

I Am Shy a Hole

I hate it when it gets all languaged around like this. I don’t want it to be “If I had a dog” or “If I don’t have a dog.” What concerns me is how to get past the point where I can decide whether I want to do anything next.
In other words, this is always going to be about my mine, not yours.
Last night he told me we could narrow it down to a boy-girl thing, and I let him disrobe me. I had to think about the knees of the girl I sat across from last year in school.
This much is figured out: the thing about being a girl is that stuff is stuck inside you—but with a boy, stuff goes away and never comes back. A boy keeps loosing himself. A boy just keeps watching himself run out. How much should this explain?
That boy is open wide at one end so things can make their way out? (Say it and you will never hear it stop until you make believe there is something else your voice could be for.)
Girl is shut tight: say it and it’s already done away with.
None of this is in my face.
I am always saying boy, no matter what people think you hear.

Gary Lutz

wanted to pass along the following info about a really excellent reading that is taking place this sunday on the KU campus. Deb Olin Unferth is a terrific and really interesting writer who teaches at KU, and gary lutz is a visiting professor there this semester.

When: Sunday February 25, 2007

Where: Jayhawk room Kansas Union, Lawrence Kansas

Time: 5:00PM

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Anonymous said...

is lutz married to deb?