Monday, February 26, 2007

What's the Matter

Jordan Stempleman: What's the Matter
112 pages $10.00
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"Maximizing the tension of line breaks, making the most of each word'snuances, Jordan Stempleman creates a stunning landscape of precision anddelicacy. There are gorgeous moments here, and they always "begin with theactual condition"-this book constitutes a commitment to the beauty of theworld, and a new instance of it."

- Cole Swensen

"In this impressive, replete collection, Jordan Stempleman takes usrepeatedly to this place of contemplation, where only a few rare words arenecessary. We are invited to a course of thinking that locates intensitywithout demanding it-for therein lies the fabled difference between anexploratory and settled poetics, to open out and out again upon presenthistory. This is, quite simply, a wonderful book."

- Paul Hoover


Jordan said...

Thanks, brother.

Johnzo said...


Thanks for the heads up. I will try to get a copy.

Two things:
-What did you think of Ben?

-Did you go see Gary Lutz that Sunday?

I suppose you should just reply here.