Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A few shout outs.

Jordan Stempleman is cranking out poety publications as though his life depended on it (it does). REad them. if you know what's good for you...and for him.

Thanks to Paul of Pauls Balls (an earlier post) for his kind words at

Channelbone, a show at White Flag Projects in St Louis last April, is reviewed in the November issue of Art in America by critic Margaret Keller.
Channelbone, 2007, Megan and Murray McMillan, installation overview

Tyler, as well as other fellow art bloggers i.e. Roberta Fallon & Libby Rosof, Edward Winkleman, Regina Hackett and Jeff Jahn
share a disscusion on the world of art blogging in the November issue of Art in America

"In a blog, there's the potential for real dialogue with an art audience. Eventually, online criticism will bury anything in print-newspapers, magazines, books." Regina Hackett

(more on this soon)

Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes:

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