Saturday, April 19, 2008

Before the Disaster #13

BFA Show installation, finally.
It hangs.
Better lighted photos soon.


cherryberrypip said...

This work is absolutely beautiful -- I have looked at it over and over. Where is it showing? Gorgeous. Might I use one of the images on my blog at "The Great Patient?" It is about medical treatment, specifically dealing with cancer. I've just started the blog and was looking at images for it, as I am, in addition to being a patient, an art consultant. In any case, thank you for this work. I will enjoy looking at it.

Ryan Alexander MacDonald said...

Hi cherryberry pip, if that is your real name.
Thanks very much for the complements.
I've not really shown these much; I am currently in grad school working on them.
I'm not entirely sure how my work fits into a cancer treatment blog, (though I can think of a few things).
I'd be happy if you used an image

More posts to come soon,

cherryberrypip said...

Ah, the unintended consequences of good art! I find your work profoundly moving and evocative, though what I read in may bear little resemblance to your own thoughts about it. For me, the people portrayed find themselves in a world that is both alien and beautiful; sharp and dangerous and yet profound. No one seems to be guiding the boat, and yet there is rescue -- and hope -- for those in distress. Can you tell I'm an art consultant? In any case, I would admire your work even if I didn't have cancer. It's GREAT. I hope you have a good gallery. And I love your site, as well!

You can read my first posts if you like and see your images at thanks -- CBP