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7 Sugarloaf Street. South Deerfield MA, 01373

Published by schoenbooks February 2nd, 2009 in Celansalon.

There will be a reading at EIGHT (8) o’clock (rock) p.m. this Sunday the 22nd day of the 2nd month. Please try to arrive either early (for light snacks and browsing of stacks: the remaining copies of Ice Cream Amnesia will be for sale) or eightly: for we would like to start promptly enough to hear three readers on a school night. Those of you coming from far off times and places, don’t be shy about arriving late: we will try to save seats in the back. Speaking of which:

It was written that MANNY KARKOWSKY shaves the devil’s back every Tuesday. As a child actor, his stage name was Manndroid the Magnificent. At age twelve, he built a tombstone escalator for counting: ‘one two three oclock four oclock rock, five six seven oclock eight oclock rock.’ Then he threw a herpes pie in the graveyard. At the age when most young men start reading, Manny’s grandfather evaporated at the stroke of teatime. He found that the Picasso-nightingale had snapped a cat’s neck on the patio. With both eyes on one side of its head it warbled from the dreamstufftree: ‘one two three oclock four oclock rock, five six seven oclock eight oclock rock.’ Dangling the cha-cha, broken-necked cat got the punchline: fuck the swandive! The Hamburgler gobbled zebra haunches in what the camera showed was a close second. Sure enough, Manny knows when it’s hammertime. Many of you may know that EMILY TODER is the printer and publisher behind Nor By Press, which published Manny Karkowsky’s Ice Cream Amnesia as the first book in its Bikes Like Us series. Her chapbook, Brushes With, is forthcoming from Tarpaulin Sky. I have been told that RYAN MACDONALD is a grapher of light, a sculptor of beeswax, and a maker of fictions. This will be his first reading.

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For those who might not know

The spring session of the venerable Jubilat/Jones unveils itself that selfsame Sunday at 3 o’clock at the Jones Library in Amherst. Details at

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