Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Miroslaw Balka

Had a very encouraging studio crit this afternoon with Miroslaw Balka. His presence was as intense as his picture (complete with all black suit).
Some things I learned about me: I should not worry about how much of a painintheass my materials are to move, how fragile they are, these are things for conservationists to worry about. I sometimes take a controlled action just a bit too far i.e. placing a house in a landscape that does not need one, or a hand in a video where the human element already exists in the voice.

True that some of the most simple gestures are the ones that work best.
Too much of anything flattens the whole of everything.
In the end he mentioned a few contemporaries that came to mind, one of them being 'Bobby Gober', suggested a book (Simon Shama's Landscape and Memory ) and made me feel pretty good about what I do,
which sometimes is all we need.

Some things I learned about Balka: his favorite author to read when he was 17 was Bruno Schultz. He believes we have so much freedom as artists that we have to define our own limits, 'trace out our own cell walls'. No matter how hard you try, and try I did, he will not tell you what he is working on for the huge Turbine Hall show in October. He is not allowed to. It pains him to keep exciting secrets from people.

Good for us locals:
Miroslaw Balka has an opening at the University of Massachusetts, University Gallery on Thursday Feb 5 to Sunday May 24th.

Good for Miroslaw:

"'Master poet' Miroslaw Balka gets Tate's Turbine Hall commission
Polish artist becomes the 10th person to create installation for Tate Modern:

A crack running through the floor, a helter-skelter and a simulated sunrise have all been part of Tate Modern's popular Turbine Hall series. Now the gallery has announced that Polish artist Miroslaw Balka is the 10th person to receive the prestigious commission."
Twenty million people have visited the Turbine Hall since it opened nine years ago. Anish Kapoor, Louise Bourgeois, Olafur Eliasson and Bruce Nauman are among the artists who have created installations for the space.

Read the full article at the guardian.co.uk

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Peter Cowling said...

Hey Ryan,

I'll bet bet Balka is feeling pretty good right now, but no wonder he radiates intensity. I was fortunate enough to view Anish Kapoor's Marsyas during installation, and remember thinking what a daunting space The Turbine Hall was when empty. Still, nice pressure to have!